Friday, April 5, 2013

Would You Be Divergent?

Hey everyone!
Today I wanted to talk about something that I love in dystopian novels-groupings, like districts and your god parent. More in depth, I like groupings where you would fit. For instance, there are factions, which I'll be discussing today, houses, and much more. In Divergent by Veronica Roth, there are five factions that each value a certain trait, for those who have not read it. Here's the list:
  • Abnegation: The Selfless
  • Dauntless:    The Brave
  • Erudite:        The Intelligent
  • Amity:          The Peaceful
  • Candor:        The Honest
If I lived in this world, I would probably pick Erudite. Now if you're currently reading Divergent or are going to read, the Erudite are portrayed as the arrogant, antagonist people. But that's because we are see things in first person from Tris's point of view, and she has a very strong dislike for them because that was her upbringing. Not to be an arrogant Erudite, but I am fairly smart. Not exceptionally or anything, but I do think I know things, and although grades don't really reflect knowledge, I do receive good grades. That being said, even if I was less smart and adequate, I think I still might pick Erudite. Maybe not a year or so ago, but I do value knowledge.

The next faction I think i would pick would be Amity. When I first read about them in Divergent, I didn't second-guess that I would be Amity. However, when Insurgent came out, we actually get to see how Amity functions. No offense to Amity, but I do not want to be drugged from eating bread. One thing that Tris mentioned in a part of Divergent is that each faction believed that the "world" had its "downfall" due to a certain reason- all opposite to what they believe. For instance, Erudite believes the destruction was caused by ignorance. I do agree with that, but I also believe it was due to aggression which is what Amity thinks. These are my main two factions that I would have picked.

In the order, I think I would be in Abnegation next, and Dauntless and Candor are tied for me. In today's society, it's hard to really pick out. So are we all Divergent? Or is it just because since we don't have to focus on our major trait, per say, it seems we can fight into many factions-or all? I definitely have some aspects of bravery, honesty, and selflessness, but I think Erudite would be the most prominent for me.
Let me know what faction you think you would be in, or if you would be Divergent! -Kait

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