Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Rating Scale

Hey everyone!
Everyone rates their own books differently, so I thought I should share how I rate my books on a five star "grade". My rating also depends on the book; for instance, if I hate a major character but loved everything else so much, it could possibly get a 4.5/5-5/5.

If I give the book a 5/5 and I mark it as a favorite on Goodreads, then I loved it. There may have been a minor flaw that I can pass.

If I just give it a 5/5, it means that I loved it, but something made me not put it in my favorites. Whether I didn't like a character or a certain aspect to the book. If it's a main character(s) I didn't like, then it would not get a 5/5.

If I give the book a 4/5, it means that I did enjoy, but there were several minor problems or one big problem I didn't like.

A 3/5 means I enjoyed it, but I didn't connect with something. It could be that I didn't find the plot interesting, if the characters were flat, etc.

A 2/5 means that I didn't like it that much. Some major thing(s) were disagreeable, yet the book had few enjoyable moments.

A 1/5, being the lowest, means I disliked the book completely. Sure there might have been a moment of me enjoying the book, but when I look back on it, I didn't enjoy much at all.

Hopefully this might clear some things up! Thanks, Kait

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