Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Book Collecters' Tag

Hey everyone!
Today I though it would be fun to do a tag. I TAG ALL OF YOU! This is a great tag and it's short. Let's get started!

How many books do you own?
I own 47 books, which isn't much compared to must book-readers.
How long did it take you to accumulate your collection?

Mine is sort of a lenghy explanation, but when I really started reading, a little less than a year.
How often do you buy books?

It really depends. For instance, I've bought two books in the last two months. However in January and December, I bought eleven books!
How do you arrange your books?

Right now I have it by author's last name.
What was the first book you remember buying?

I was always a big reader at school with my teacher's library, not typically outside of school. So whenever I would want a book which was like three times a year or so, my mom would buy it. (Not including giftcards.) For YA, it was Insurgent, Pandemonium, and Shiver on May 1st!
What was the last book you purchased?

Requiem and Delirium Stories by Lauren Oliver... about a month ago.
What is the longest book you own?

My brother owns the HP series, so I have to go with the Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan which isn't that long at 574 pages!
What is the shortest book you own?

Probably the Demigod Files by Rick Riordan or the Delirium Stories by Lauren Oliver.

Thanks for reading! -Kait

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