Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bookish Your Vacation TAG

Hey everyone!
Today I'm doing a tag that I found on YouTube. I thought it was really fun, and expecially since it's summer, people tend to go on vacations a lot. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and I tag all of you reading!

1. Your destination/setting.: where do you want to go? Why?
I'm going to be different and not say Hogwarts... but CAM HALF-BLOOD
2. Constant Companion: the literary character you'd want to take along with you. Why? This character doesn't have to be from the book your setting is from, but they can be.

I thought about this, and I decided to pick Reyna cause then I can show her the Greek side and all that stuff. Maybe it would prevent *SPOILER ALERT* a war between Greeks and Romans.
3. Disgruntled Copilot: The one character you WOULDN'T want to be stuck sitting next to on the plane. Why?

I'm going to stick to the PJO theme and say Gabe Ugliano. Or Smelly Gabe. I don't think that needs an explanation.
4. Tour Guide: one person from your chosen setting that you'd want to show you around.

LEO VALDEZ. Enough said.
5. Site to see: the one place you'd want to see first. Why?

Probably the cabins. It would be cool to see how they're decorated and all.
6. Something to avoid: an aspect from the world or setting you would prefer not to be a part of.

The rock climbing with lava wall! I wouldn't do that. Or the attic with the Oracle if you're going by the earlier books.
7. Souvenir: one thing from your chosen destination that you'd want to take with you.

Maybe a pegasus like Guido or someone else.
8. One time visit or go to vacation spot? Why?

A VACATION SPOT, DUH. Actually, my vacation spot would be one of the cabins and I would go there every summer because I -wish- am a demigod.

Thanks for reading! -Kait

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