Thursday, August 22, 2013

How I Get Through Reading School Books

Hey everyone!
So I am sorry if you're already back in school and therefore, this blog may not be all that helpful, but you can still use these tips year round. As for all you procrastinators (including myself) here are a few things I'm doing to get through reading my school books.
  1. Read 100 pages a day. Most of my books that I have to read are almost 300 pages long, so if I read 100 pages every day, I'm done with the book in three days. On the fourth day, I do all the work for that book.
  2. Mark every 100 pages. If you do decide to read 100 pages every day, I find using a sticky note and marking every interval helps motivation. You can visually see your progress.
  3. Set aside time. Sometimes, you have to tell yourself that for the next few hours, I'm going to read and sit down and do it.
  4. Remove all distractions. Put whatever it is that distracts on the other side of the room, or at least not in reaching distance without getting up. If you get hungry, get a snack before you start reading.
  5. Read in order of the work load. For instance, the first book I read had a good amount of work, but it wasn't overwhelming. So I did that first so I ease my way into things. Then read the hardest one, or the book that looks the least interesting or something. Lastly, finish it off with the most exciting book or the easiest. Especially if it's a book that seems interesting, hopefully that could motivate you to finish the others first so you can get to the last book.
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know your tips in the comments! Thanks for reading, Kait

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