Friday, November 16, 2012

Update on my Story and Reached!

Hey everyone!
First of all, I have less than 100 pages of Reached left, and oh my gosh..... Expect a book review up sometime this weekend! You can see my progress on Goodreads as well as all my other books!
Second, I have decided on a title. But I want to hear what you think! So still feel free to comment any other title names you may have in mind. I haven't come across any books with this name, but you never know! I thought of 'They Chose Me'. Which, if you read chapter, may not understand. I also added a section to the right where you can view all the work I've done so far on Wattpad. However, I still only have the first draft of chapter one. I hope you guys check it out, it would mean soo soo much!
As always,

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