Monday, November 12, 2012

Reaching 'Reached' by Ally Condie Release Date-What I'm Excited to See

Hey everyone!
Reached (Matched, #3)
See what I did with the title there? As some of you may know, Reached by Ally Conide (Matched #3) releases tomorrow November 13, 2012. For some of you this may be a reminder! :) Anyways, for what I want to see is pretty general. I hope we see Cassia, Ky, Xander, and eve Indie all meet up (which will probably happen). I'm also really excited to find more about Xander's secret because in Crossed we found out that Xander is part of the rebellion but it doesn't go super far in depth. I can't wait to see how Ky (and Cassia too) does in the rebellion. He was very keen on not going,  however since he's there, I wonder what sort of role he'll play. Of course, I'm very, very intrigued (trying to use a word that's not excited) to see who Cassia picks! Ky or Xander? Or maybe she'll find some random hobo on the street to love? Actually, I hope that last part doesn't happen-but you never know!! I will have a review up for it soon! That reminds me, I have to do a review for Finale. Oh, and if you have a book blog that I'm not already following, I would love to check it out because I realized I'm not following many. ~Kait

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