Saturday, February 23, 2013

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures (2013) PosterHey everyone!
Yesterday, I went to see Beautiful Creatures for the first time and I loved it! Overall, I thought it was great, and although they had to cut a few things, I thought they did a great job following the book.
To find out more about the cast, writers, director, and movie, you can go to here (IMDb).
One thing I loved about the movie was the acting. I thought Alden Ehrenreich portrayed Ethan really, really well. Alice Englert also did a wonderful job as Lena, too! So all in all, the acting, personally, was one of the best parts!
Like I mentioned above, I also thought they did a nice job at following the book's plot line. If someone were to watch the movie and then read the book, they should be able to follow the movie along in their head as they read the book. For instance, I saw the Percy Jackson movie before I read the book, and when I read the book I knew Luke stole the Lightning Bolt the whole time, but I never expected Ares!
Overall, I really just about liked everything. One of the bigger things I wasn't a fan of was the ending. First of all, did Sarafine really die? I haven't read the other books yet, but I assume she will show up in them. So if they make a sequel... Another thing about the ending that I was on the edge of my seat about until the last second was the whole Lena erasing his mind thing. I just hate when a character forgets the whole other supernatural world they live in. But then he remembered! We hope.
And no Boo Radley, Marian, or Ethan's dad. I still thought that how they did Amma wasn't that bad. I'd prefer Marian and how Amma is in the books. All in all, I recommend the movie A LOT.

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