Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Review Mashup! City of Heavenly Fire, Vicious, Throne of Glass

Hey everyone!
Sorry again that it's been so long. But in that time span I've read quite a bit! I'm not going to talk about every book that I have read in the past month; however, I will talk about some of them with short, spoiler-free reviews. I'm not going to give a synopsis for every book, though I will link the Goodreads at the end so you can read them yourselves! Enjoy!

City of Heavenly Fire | Cassandra Clare | 6th book in The Mortal Instruments |  Rating: 5/5 | Fantasy
Of course, we have the finale to TMI. Some of you may know that I liked TMI at first, but didn't love them. Then I read The Infernal Devices, and loved those, then I reread COFA and COLS and enjoyed it more the second time around. So I was more excited to read COHF and thought that it was a fantastic conclusion. Cassandra Clare is amazing at wrapping up series. My favorite scenes involved Zachariah (hehe), but there are so many more awesome scenes. The characters themselves really grew and I liked them more and more. And that thing at the end with our favorite vampire... WHAT. Goodreads

Throne of Glass | Sarah J. Maas | 1st book in series | Rating: 5/5 | Fantasy
This book was so great! I loved the characters and plot line. This story involves magic, romance, assassins, secrecy, and so many amazing things. I read the second book, Crown of Midnight, which I didn't like as much (just because I ship Celaena with Dorian), nonetheless it was still incredibly exciting and action packed. Great start to another great series! Goodreads

Vicious | V.E. Schwab | Stand Alone (I think...) | Rating: 5/5 | Adult Science Fiction
I loved this book. It was so action packed and suspenseful and I was anticipating every second of this book. The whole concept is extremely interesting; I also found how Eli and Victor were best friends but then we see them ten years later as foes. Vicious would make a great movie (as well as Throne of Glass). The character's and their backstories contained such intriguing things. I highly recommend this book! It's a great adult book to read if you like young adult. Goodreads

Thanks so much for reading! -Kait

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